One Direction | Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville, Tennessee

My life is about to (and already kind of has) become all about college. Last spring break was all about California college visits, my summer was about the essay and starting applications and last week was about Nashville. I visited a school in Nashville and it was possibly the shortest trip of my life, but it was just enough time to get a feel for the city. And what better way to get a feel for Music City than to attend a concert?

This was my fifth One Direction concert and my fourth time seeing 5 Seconds of Summer live. Absolutely absurd, I know, but these concerts have never disappointed. There is something indescribably magnetic about going to a One Direction concert. People dance in their seats, sing along to their favorite songs, meet up with old and new friends, and for some, attending a One Direction concert is a dream come true. While my dream has come true five times over, I still relish every single second of every concert. And let me tell you, there is nothing more exhilarating than being a part of a stadium of 60,000 fans singing (or should I say screaming) along to “Little Things”.

Here are my favorite songs from the concert-

“Disconnected” – 5 Seconds of Summer (a last minute add on to their set)

“Voodoo Doll” – 5 Seconds of Summer

“Better Than Words” – One Direction (quite possibly my favorite from the entire concert because of how much fun the boys had whilst singing it and the sick graphics on the screens of the set)

“Through The Dark” – One Direction

“Diana” – One Direction

“Half A Heart” – One Direction (even though it wasn’t actually sung at the concert, it is by far the best song on Midnight Memories and is worth mentioning)


Overall, the Nashville stop of the WWA tour definitely is up there on the charts of my favorite concerts. It was a lot of fun exploring Music City and going to a new venue for an amazing concert! To see what I wore and video clips from the concert, watch this!


Peace n Blessings


Ugly Heart


Dress: Oasap | Sweater: H&M | Boots: c/o Wet Seal | Ear Cuff: Claire’s

(photography by Kathryn McSherry)


Back to reality (whoop there goes gravity). Man does it stink being home. This summer has been a traveling summer for me, going from Italy with school to Hollywood with Jackson to Vermont with my second family to Tennessee with my mom for college visits, with another college trip on the horizon. I’ve been away way more than I’ve been home this summer, and while home is much more boring than any of the amazing places I have been this summer, it’s nice to have my own space again… and my closet. It’s great to not be living out of a trunk/suitcase.

Yesterday I took full advantage of my closet (and I needed to) because I had my first Nordstrom BP Fashion Board meeting! Seven other girls and boys and I met to learn about BP, the Fashion Board and our upcoming projects! It was so much fun and I can’t wait to go to my next meeting next month. This is what I wore to that meeting, which is a total mix of my travels this summer. I fell back in love with these Wet Seal boots after my trip to Nashville and this sweater came home with me from California. This dress, however, I ordered online before my month at camp and I was more than excited to come home to it!

Song of the Day: “Ugly Heart” by G.R.L. – I return from camp every summer with a list of new songs to get, which in my mind are hit summer songs. But non-camp-goers, whom have access to the radio and iTunes every day, have a different set of hit summer songs which are actually known by more than me and my cabin. This song is one of those songs. I jammed to it way more than I should have at camp and came home expecting everyone to know it, which of course they didn’t. It’s still summer and there’s time for this song to become your summer song, too.

Peace n Blessings


Makeup by One Direction

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 7.00.22 PM

When I found out One Direction was coming out with a makeup line I laughed a little bit. These guys have done everything! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan before they released anything across the Atlantic Ocean, but they’ve blown up so much it’s hard to think of them as my little secret anymore. But a makeup line? I did not expect much other than bright makeup embellished with as many 1D logos as space permits. But, being the die-hard fan that I am, I had to try it.

With three makeup sets being released, each one is named after and inspired by each of their albums, Up All Night, Take Me Home and Midnight Memories. I was pleasantly surprised when the first makeup set of the collection arrived at my doorstep. While the Up All Night makeup tin has a removable cover adorned with the boys’ faces, the inside of the tin is face and (basically) logo free. The set includes fun and bright pieces, mirroring the vibe of their first album, which has bubblegum pop and summery songs. There is a lively eye shadow palette, fun stencils to decorate the tin, blue chubby eyeliner, pink lipstick, bright lip-gloss, turquoise shiny nail polish and black mascara. The makeup is packaged nicely, too. There are subtle One Direction logos on each of the products, but from afar you cannot tell, which is nice for non-superfans and general makeup enthusiasts.


While all of the packaging quickly earned an A from me, I did not expect much of the makeup itself until I tried it. The pigment of the eye shadow and the “Stand Up” eyeliner are surprisingly high quality, and there is a good variety of colors if blues are not your go-to shades (I stuck with the blush pink “More Than This”, the taupe “Gotta Be You” and the lightest shade of blue “Save You Tonight”). The “Little Black Dress” mascara is also unexpectedly high quality. It does not clump at all and it has officially replaced my Benefit mascara. I love the “Na Na Na” nail polish, too; it’s not too thick or thin and it has the perfect amount of shine.



I sported my Up All Night look to the One Direction Where We Are tour stop in Nashville! Stay tuned for a concert post and a get ready with me video!


Go get your hands on your very own Makeup by One Direction set; I can’t wait to try out the rest of them!

Makeup by One Direction US Release Dates:

Macy’s – August 11th

Stage Stores – August 25th

Dillards – August 25th

Beauty Brands – August 25th

Lord and Taylor – August 25th

International dates – TBD


This product was given to me for a review, but all opinions are my own.

Peace n Blessings


Kiwi Night

IMG_3204IMG_3207 IMG_3206IMG_3190IMG_3194 

Jumpsuit: Forever 21 | Necklace: Kiwi Disc and St. Christopher’s Medal

(photography by Kathryn McSherry and Zoe McPheron)

Colchester, VT

You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to write about the silver disk that graces my neck every day. As you should know by now, I spent the last three and a half weeks at my sleep away camp, Camp Dudley at Kiniya. This silver disk, known as a Kiwi disc, is something awarded to someone at the end of their fourth summer at camp. While there is a legend about a Kiwi bird and something about four years and its home, none of us Kiniya girls really know it at all (or know if it’s even true). Anyways, Kiwi day has been a longstanding Kiniya tradition and is something all of us look forward to. Thanksgiving dinner followed by the presentation of the disks and topped off with candles on the water and a dance, Kiwi day is one of the best of each session.

On my recent trip to California, I picked up this jumpsuit in, none other than, Forever 21. I honestly first picked it off the rack because it was on sale and because it looked crazy, but the longer I wore it in the dressing room, the more I fell in love. While it probably wasn’t the best thing to wear whilst putting candles on the water, it screamed “me”, and if I’ve learned anything from camp, it’s to be me. 


Peace n Blessings






Top: Mine | Shorts: thrifted | Flannel: The Vermont Flannel Co. | Shoes: Vans | Shark Earrings: Claire’s | Sunnies: Venice Beach

(photography by Zoe McPheron)


Burlington, VT

It only made sense to dress as Vermont-y as possible on my day off from camp. High rise cut offs, bracelets, a peasant top, and a Vermont flannel? Birkenstocks and a maple creemee would top it all off. Among the ridiculous things I bought on my day off from camp, these shark earrings take the cake. They are biting my earlobe (hence the “oh my” face featuring my new friendship bracelet ring).  


Peace n Blessings



IMG_3052IMG_3062IMG_3055 IMG_3054IMG_3057

Top: H&M | Skirt: H&M | Sandals: Dolce Vita | Headband and Bracelets: made at camp

(photography by Kathryn McSherry)

Colchester, VT – Camp Dudley at Kiniya

If you’ve been wondering about my lack of posts and social media action, let this post catch you up. For the past two weeks, I have been assistant leading a cabin at Camp Dudley at Kiniya in Vermont. It is my sixth summer attending Kiniya and every summer it gets better. Not only is it a break from “the real world” as we like to call it (nice clothes, internet, technology, candy), but it’s a break from worrying about what you look like 24/7, too.  

The beauty of sleep away camp in general is wearing whatever you want. I find myself wearing a flannel every day and tee shirts with sayings my friends don’t understand. On Sunday mornings, though, we have chapel. Kiniya’s chapel services are held ‘neath the pines of our fields and involve singing hymns and listening to inspirational everyday women. Sundays are one of the very few days at camp that we get “dressed up”, or basically put on normal people clothes. Everyone wears white and navy, our camp colors, to chapel on Sunday mornings, so, if you put two and two together, this is what I wore last Sunday. That headband on my head is also something I’m famous for at camp. I am often called “the headband girl” because it took me an entire summer to make and is a grand total of 50 strings.

I have just over a week left at camp and am already feeling bittersweet about leaving. I’ll be posting more from camp so stay tuned!


Peace n Blessings


How To Make A Mixtape


The return of 90’s fashion staples, such as jelly shoes and halter-tops, has pushed people to return to old school everything. Polaroid photos flood my Instagram feed, record players are “in”, and mixtapes are back. While the only mixtapes I have come in contact with myself are online (on 8tracks), the idea still holds: a small mix of one’s favorite songs by a variety of artists.

I never have received a mixtape myself, but I have recently become obsessed with the idea of giving one. As a huge fan of music, I am always making playlists when I get new music or am inspired by a certain song, so the natural next step is to put it on a CD, give it a name and give it to someone.

Prom has basically been on my mind for a year. I started my “campaign” to get Jackson Guthy to go to prom with me as I entered my junior year in high school and now my senior year is fast approaching. As one to turns to music in every emotional instance, when Jackson Guthy originally said yes to my promposal, I went right to my music library.

Here are some tips to making the perfect mixtape:

  1. Edit, Edit, Edit! – I spent a good 6 months or so on this one playlist so it is safe to say that the “vibe” of the playlist changed constantly. Don’t be afraid to play around with the songs and the order!
  2. Have A Theme – This is not absolutely necessary to making a mixtape but I found it helped me throughout the process. Having a theme (summer, friendship, pump-up, (and in my case) prom) or a certain vibe you want your mixtape to have helps when weeding through particularly large music libraries and also keeps you on track. You don’t want a summer mixtape with Christmas music on it, right?
  3. Keep It Short – I made the rookie mistake of making my mixtape for Jackson too long (and ended up wasting a blank CD). Make sure you know how many minutes a blank CD supports and make sure your playlist isn’t any longer!
  4. Don’t Repeat – Try not to repeat artists on a mixtape. I know this may sound difficult, but then it is truly a MIXtape, not just a compilation of a few whole albums. I would limit it to two songs by a certain artist to make sure you get a good mix.
  5. Think of a Rockin’ Title  – The title is the first thing the recipient of your mixtape sees (unless you decide to be artsy and leave it untitled). I am a huge fan of quotes and High School Musical (there was a marathon when I was making the cover art) so I obviously used Troy Bolton’s prom quote as my title: “My Prom Is Wherever You Are”. It was a perfect fit for my prom situation and who doesn’t love a little HSM?
  6. Design A Cover – Designing the cover for my mixtapes was probably my favorite part. I had the freedom to make the cover of my CD look however I wanted it to look, and it’s a great way to personalize it for a gift! Also, I love putting a Polaroid picture in the front cover (and if you don’t have a Polaroid you want to part with, leave a space and take one when you give it!).
  7. Design A Back Cover – While this is less of a designing process as the front cover, the back cover is a perfect place to write out the track list of your mixtape. When you insert a blank CD to your computer, it will not recognize the names of the songs or the artists it will just come up as Track 1, Track 2 and so on. Make sure the recipient of your mixtape knows what he or she is listening to!
  8. Take A Break – If you feel stuck with the current state of a mixtape, leave it and come back. By the time you return, new music will have been released and you may have a new idea about the order/theme/vibe!


I hope these tips help to all you mixtapers out there! If you are curious about what my mixtape for Jackson sounded like, go have a listen right here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 7.38.25 AM

Peace n Blessings